Founded in 1989, Ramsay Worden Architects Ltd. is a Canadian architectural firm based in Vancouver, BC, which practices architecture and urban design with a focus on sustainable design practices.
Architecture, Architect, Architectural Practice, Urban Planning, Residential Architecture, Multi-Family, High Rise, Mid-Rise, Institutional, Campus Design, Civic Architecture, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canadian Architect, Canada
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About This Project





This project in Coquitlam combines two 6-7 storey apartment buildings around a central courtyard in the developing Burquitlam neighbourhood. The perimeter streets and the lane will develop as walkable streetscapes with a “front door network”. Amenities in each building will be accessible to the entire development. The courtyard is a social and recreation space shared by residents and the surrounding community. It will also serve as a pedestrian link between Regan Avenue, the lane and Burquitlam Park. These indoor and outdoor amenities support the development’s social sustainability and offers a place for connecting with the broader Burquitlam community.

Status: Building Permit

Client: Qualex-Landmark

On the Board