Founded in 1989, Ramsay Worden Architects Ltd. is a Canadian architectural firm based in Vancouver, BC, which practices architecture and urban design with a focus on sustainable design practices.
Architecture, Architect, Architectural Practice, Urban Planning, Residential Architecture, Multi-Family, High Rise, Mid-Rise, Institutional, Campus Design, Civic Architecture, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canadian Architect, Canada
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About This Project



Inspired by West Coast regional architecture and the emerging styles of the North and West Vancouver neighbourhoods, the development implements design features such as flying balconies and generous overhangs. The overall form is divided into two building, following the natural site contours and allowing the landscape to flow between buildings, providing naturally planted links across the site. The outdoor spaces are designed as extensions of the indoors, blurring the division between building and nature, consistent with West Coast architectural principles.

Status: Development Permit

Client: British Pacific Properties

Mid-Rise, New - Mixed Use + Residential, On the Board