Founded in 1989, Ramsay Worden Architects Ltd. is a Canadian architectural firm based in Vancouver, BC, which practices architecture and urban design with a focus on sustainable design practices.
Architecture, Architect, Architectural Practice, Urban Planning, Residential Architecture, Multi-Family, High Rise, Mid-Rise, Institutional, Campus Design, Civic Architecture, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canadian Architect, Canada
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About This Project





This proposal includes 3 lots forming an ‘L’ shaped site bordered by Old Dollarton Road to the south, Riverside Drive to the east, Kenneth Gordon School to the north, and Seymour River Place on the west. Recently approved residential redevelopment sites are on the west. Munster Avenue forms the southern edge of the ‘L’. The majority of the 3.5-acre site is flat, except at the northeast corner of the site where the grades are steep. Munster Avenue dead ends in the site, without a through road right-of-way, however, storm and sanitary sewers connect through a narrow ROW to Riverside Drive.

Status: Rezoning

Client: Darwin